Monaco’s Félix Lemaréchal on loan at Cercle Brugge: ‘Since I was little, I’ve dreamt of the Champions League and World Cup’

Speaking exclusively to Foot Mercato, AS Monaco loanee Félix Lemaréchal (20) answered some questions regarding his current form and the future of his career. At the moment, the youngster is out on loan at ASM’s satellite team Cercle Brugge, in the Jupiler Pro League.

I’m young so when I arrived, my main objective was to develop myself. As every football player, I wanted to play as many games as possible. I obviously hoped to start games. The game plan, I already knew It before arriving, so I knew I would have the possibility to show my qualities.” said the 20-year-old.

The young midfielder is already on his second loan of the year, having already had a first spell away from Monaco in the second half of last season, as he had joined Stade Brestois during the winter transfer window. There, he had played 13 games, two of which he started.

This season, Lemaréchal is playing in a position higher on the pitch than where he usually operates, playing as an attacking midfielder behind star striker Kévin Denkey (23), while he more commonly positions himself as a box-to-box. This new placement better utilizes his technical qualities, which he highlighted: “I can play with both feet and am comfortable on the ball, quite solid, quick and endurant. Tactically, I adapt easily and analyse the opponent well before games. Of course, I can still improve in terms of defensive rigour, as well as in aerial duels and final passes, as being a midfielder, I must be able to make the attackers shine.

At the end of this JPL edition, in which he has already provided two assists, Lemaréchal will return to Monaco. The player will be looking for some stability, be it at ASM or elsewhere, as he admits he hasn’t made a decision yet. What’s certain is that

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